John Coltrane Festival
Wiltern Theatre
Los Angeles
October 30, 1993

Ex Aud

Though this show is not complete, I thought I'd share it with you.
The sound quality of this AUD recording is really stunning.
Listen to the samples yourself!!!

John Coltrane has always been a great inspiration for Carlos Santana.
A love supreme was a key track on Love Devotion Surrender and is still
part of the setlist these days.
So it makes sense that Santana played this festival.

To be honest....I don't know how much is missing. 50 minutes is pretty short for a
Santana set, even on a festival.

Most interesting are the 2 improvisational pieces(8 and 9) and I really hope this will
be an omen for the upcoming Shapeshifter album.
That album has been postponed and delayed for many times, but rumour has it that it
will finally be released this year.

If anyone knows the names of track 8 and 9, please inform me. Carlos calls 9 a Jam Session,
but perhaps it's a well known cut.
Peace on Earth is of course the John Coltrane song that Carlos has played zillions of times.

Finally, a guest is introduced at the start of track 9, but I can't distinguish who it is.
Sounds like his name is Roy.

1. Dr. Honoris Causa
2. Make Somebody Happy
3. Make Somebody Happy/Get It In Your Soul/Myron Dove/Rodney Holmes
4. Wings Of Grace
5. Karl Perazzo/Raul Rekow
6. Peace On Earth/Mother Earth/Third Stone from the sun
7. Apache
8. ?
9. Jam Session
10. Jingo

Total Time: 50:18

Carlos Santana
Vorriece Cooper
Myron Dove
Rodney Holmes
Alex Ligertwood
Karl Perazzo
Raul Rekow
Jorge Santana
Chester Thompson

Roy?? on 9

Sound samples in the comments section

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