Santana 1995-6-13 Knoxville World's Fair Park
with Buddy Guy
Anolog audience recording Flac 41.1khz, 16bit

Caveat- The crowd was rowdy and noisy at this outdoor show and there is a lot of talking in some places. I also had to flip my tape quickly as there was no set-break. I have faded the end of title 7 for the CD. Another interesting thing is that there was a lot of stereo separation at the show. Santana appeared to enjoy switching between left and right channels and allowing a much more "stereo" experience than I recall from any other band I've seen. This was my first time seeing him so I'm not sure if that is typical of him in general or of this time period or it is unique to this show. At one point I thought my recording had stopped- saw no lights for my 4 AA batteries and so I mention that to a guy I was with and you can hear me talking about this. Eventually, the batteries do die one song before the encore so I do not have 2 songs that were played that night. I rounded up some used batteries to complete most of the show during those songs...I got the 2nd and most of the 3rd encore. During rendering, I faded out before the end of the show but most of the last song is there. Still a decent capture despite trouble recording with some new-to-me mics that demanded more from my batteries than I imagined. This is an authentic recording that I taped myself- it's not a capture of a silver or another person's download. I have included it here as a torrent because what there is of this show is really nice, in my opinion. Enjoy!

The show is split up for 2 CD's...the numbering should be self-explanatory.

Disc 1:
01 The Call/Kenya
02 Bara Su Wayo
03 Open Invitation
04 Blues for Salvador
05 Harmonious Convergence/Hal 99
06 Yaleo/Hannibal
07 Make Somebody Happy/Get It in Your Soul (fade out during drumming)...
Disc 2:
01 Get It In Your Soud (continued)
02 Why Can't We Live Together
03 Sweet Black Cherry Pie
04 Sonny Sharrock
05 Samba pa ti
06 Guajira
MISSING DUE TO BATTERY Trouble: Apache/Santana Sandwich & 1st Encore: Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
07 Europa
08 Jin-go-lo-ba (fade out)...

Lineage/Editing: Audience recording - Standing room only (outdoor show- tried to stand in front of the soundboard and center) pushed around some...whenever I saw an opening I stepped forward. Sony WMD-6c Pro Walkman with Sonic Studio sneeky mics on my sun glasses frame. Recording was onto a TDK SA-X90 (Dolby B) > dubbed at normal speed to TDK SA-90 (also w/ Dolby B for "dolby chain" intentions) > Computer via SB Audigy A [E400] (Dolby off w/ WMD-6c) originally encoded to WAV using Cool Edit 2000 and then tracking also with Cool Edit. My recent rendering (after digging this recording out after over 20 years) includes normalizing each song with CoolEdit and verifying tracking wtih CD Wave Editor. Trader�s Little Helper was then used for making the FLAC Files, Fingerprints and the Torrent.