July 9, 1996


A sweet sounding audience, warm and rich, a gorgeous rendition of Guajira and a few fairly rarely played songs by CS and the Band. Maybe the rarest is Mystic Man, a song originally recorded by Paolo Rustichelli who is featured as a guest of Santana here. Mystic Man is from the album of the same name that had both Miles Davis and Carlos on various songs.

Lineage: Unknown recorder/Unknown transfer/trade CDR(x)/EAC secure WAV/minor edits in AA1.5/TLH FLAC/y'all.

Disk 1 (69:45)

01. Angels All Around Us/Yaleo/Hannibal
02. Serpents And Doves
03. Brotherhood
04. Everybody's Everything
05. Why Can't We Live Together/Light At The Edge Of The World
06. Day Of Celebration
07. Interplanetary Party
08. Right On/Get On (1)
09. Mystic Man (1)

Disk 2 (72:37)

01. Make Somebody Happy
02. Get It In Your Soul
03. Myron Dove/Billy Johnson
04. Spread Your Wings
05. Guajira //
06. Apache/Santana Sandwich
07. // Europa
08. Jingo/Band Introduction

// cut after Guajira and before Europa, but no music seems missing.

I have tried as best as I could to get rid of some silence in the cuts. No music was harmed while doing this.

Carlos Santana (g/perc/vo),
Myron Dove (b),
Billy Johnson (ds),
Tony Lindsay (vo),
Karl Perazzo (perc/vo),
Raul Rekow (perc/vo),
Chester Thompson (kbd/vo)

Paolo Rustichelli (kbd/vo) on tracks marked (1)

Enjoy the goosebumps, Share the gigs, Support the artists!!!

It's a party..... Happy Early Birthday, Señor Carlos.