26 september 1997
Pima County Fairgrounda, Tucson AZ, USA

Lineage: 2nd generation Cassette - > Goldwave -> CD-R -> Foobar WAV extract -> TLH Flac L6 - Torrented -> you

This one came from my attic .. a few years ago, way before I had ever heard from lossless music formats or DIME, I had the wave of sense to copy the two Santana concerts I had gotten on cassette to my hard drive and burn CD-R's from them. Recently I came across them and got the idea to seed them here. Sadly.. I have lost my original wav fileset to a drive crash and my beloved spouse cleaned out the original cassettes. So, this lineage has one CD-DA extraction more than it could have gotten.

This seed is preservation only, I have not tampered with the tape flips, sound or anything since this is my first attempt ever to make an original seed and I have no idea how to fix any of that. If anyone wants to have a go, be my guest. The only reason I am seeding this is because I never saw another source for this concert out there. I'd describe the sound as good audience.. not great. I'll try to put up a few samples.

Anyone with a better source for this, please put your upgrade on DIME. ;) For those interested.. I also have the Rotterdam Netherlands 1998-10-30 concert.. if this takes off I might put that up here too.


Carlos Santana, Guitar, vocals
Horacio Hernandez, Drums
Tony Lindsay, Lead Vocals
Karl Perazzo, Timbales, Vocals
Raul Rekow, Congas, vocals
Benny Rietveld, Bass
Chester Thompson, Keyboards
Ricky Wellman, Drums

Total running time 155 minutes, show complete
*Santana is joined on stage by Rusted Root on D1-10 and D2-01

Disk 1:

01. Bacalao con Pan 06:52
02. Right on/Get on 10:02
03. Apache/Santana Sandwich 16:01
04. If 6 was 9 07:47
05. Brotherhood 02:37
06.Everybody's everything 04:09
07. Day of Celebration 04:00
(tape flip/uncorrected)
08. Day of Celebration continued 06:23
09. Serpents and Doves 08:00
10. Exodus* 13:17

Disk 2

1. Evil Ways* 03:55
2. A Love Supreme 04:39
3. Samba pa ti 07:27
4. Spiritual 02:05
5. (Da Le) Yaleo 7:28
(tape flip/uncorrected)
6. Make somebody happy/Carlos's Speech/Get it in your soul/Benny Solo/Ricky Solo 18:33
7. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen 08:39
8. Oye Como Va 07:10
9. Jin-go-lo-ba/Band Introduction 15:32

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