21. June 1998
St. Goarshausen, Germany
'Rockpalast Festival'

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Carlos Santana (g/perc/vo)
Rodney Holmes (ds)
Tony Lindsay (vo)
Karl Perazzo (perc/vo)
Raul Rekow (perc/vo)
Benny Rietveld (b)
Chester Thompson (kbd/vo)

Dave Matthews Band on *

01. Bacalao Con Pan
02. Day Of Celebration
03. Exodus*
04. Spiritual/Yaleo/Hannibal *
05. Right On/Get On
06. Savor/Karl Perazzo/Raul Rekow

07. Jam/Love >
08. Get It In Your Soul/Benny Rietveld >
09. Bass & Drums/Bass-solo
10. Mumbo Jumbo
11. Jingo/Band Introduction/Aranjuez >
12. Jam
13. One Fine Morning/Canto De Xango
14. Interview with Santana (sometime before the show)