***** Santana - Rehearsal, Oakland, CA August 15th, 1988 SDB ********

Reunion Band Studio Rehearsals on etree there are about 10 owners and the set list I copied from
there as I am not a Santana expert.

I got this rehearsal from my friend Roger who traded with Carlos often as Santana is a Huge Marley
collector and collector of live concerts in general. He would have a full time employee whos job was to
take care of his live archieve and fly to shows that Carlos would decide he wanted recorded. I tried to give
some of my rare SRV to my friend to give to Carlos. Respect Santana the roots man.

Recording source: Soundboard

Transfer source: my cassette to pc from sony D3 through SB X-Fi Audio 2400 sound card

Transfer: Sony D3 > Jet Audio (>PCM 44,1000 kHz, 16 Bit, Stereo) > CDWav > Flac Level 8

Taper: unknown


Set I
Mandela ?
For Those Who Chant ?
Batuka/No One to Depend On ?
Taboo ?
Smooth Criminal ?
Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen ?
Oye Como Va ?
Se A Cabo ?
Incident at Neshabur ?
Super Boogie/Hong Kong Blues ?
Savor ? Once It?s
Gotcha ?
Cavatina ?
Toussaint L?Overture ?
Michael Shrieve/Soul Sacrifice

The shows I seed are meant to be for a musical ride, ride the vibes and share with friends, but please don't seed my shows on other sites for
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Another Classic from the DUBWISE GARAGE COLLECTION