1999/12/31 New Years Eve Y2K
The Joint @ The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino
Las Vegas, Nevada

Source: Sennheisser ME-80(2) > Sony TCD-D7
Location: 20' from stage DFC
Transfer: Master->TCD-D7(via digital out)->Wavetable U2A(USB)->CD-Wave->WAV->MKW V.0.97B1->shn

Wicked show!!! The quality of the master came out suprisingly good considering the high energy level
of the crowd. Fortunately the majority of the crowd noise was between tunes, but you can definately sense
that this was not a normal night.

Disk 1:
01. Intro->Spiritual
02. Yaleo
03. Migra
04. Love of My Life
05. Put Your Lights On
06. Africa Bamba
07. Maria Maria
08. Europa
09. Exodus
10. Serpents and Doves

01. Incident At Neshabur
02. Wishing It Was
03. Bacaloa Con Pan
04. Make Somebody Happy
05. Bass Solo Imagine

Disk 3:
01. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen->
02. Oyo Como Va
03. I Dont Want to Know
04. New Years Countdown->Day of Celebration
05. Victory is One
06. Smooth
07. Jingo