Supernaturally Tweetelicious!
Tweeter Center
Great Woods
Mansfield, Mass. U.S.A.
August 1, 2000
performance quality: A (more pop oriented music than usual
but an inspired show of it)
recording quality: B- (very clappy, and slightly over-recorded,
not very close up but done with pretty good mikes, I think it's
still better than the previous no longer available version.
You can hear what's going on, but it's not quite "you are there"
and definitely not a wish you were there production, like some
of my early Aerosmith, I don't post those from 2000 shows.)
source/lineage: audience DAT master > CD >
my CD > CD extractor (WAV) >
flac 6 > torrentially yours.
setlist: totally unfamiliar to me, so I've included the times of this post
and another show's setlist below from 2 days earlier. any help would be welcome.

As arranged here: total runtime: 136:40
Disc one 73:12
1: 3:16
2: 7:50
3: 6:02
4: 5:48
5: 8:57
6: 6:26
7: 5:09
8: 1:28
9: 5:55
10: 5:07
11: 7:55
12: 9:14

Disc 2: 63:28
13: 8:36 (cuts in slightly, master DAT tape change?)
14: 17:45
15: 17:09
16: 9:33
17: 10:24

since much to my surprise this concert wasn't listed on etree even
though previously posted from a different source recording (I believe),
and I have NO idea what these songs are called, I've included the
setlist of 7/30/00 Jones Beach N.Y. a couple of days before this in
case it helps any, because it is probably a similar set, maybe even the same.
Much like the set listed below, this show doesn't have alot of the "older
Santana classics", it has alot from the current featured "Supernatural",
which was Santana's biggest album in years when released in 2000.
Spiritual >
Love Of My Life
Put Your Lights On
Day Of Celebration
Victory Is Won
*Maria, Maria
*Dirty Dancin'
Corazon Espinado
Karl & Raul Solo
**Supernatural Thing
Bacalao Con Pan
Happy >
Get It In
Black Magic Woman >
Gypsy Queen
Oye Como Va

Apache >
Smooth >
Dame Tu Amor
*** Jingo

there was at least one other post here on dime
of this show but it apparently fell off the tracker
when I searched it (including dead torrents) on June 13th, 08.
This is apparently from another source recording. It
is VERY "clappy", far too clappy for even glasnostrd19
to attempt ICPVR surgery on it (individual clap peak
volume reduction). I recieved this on CD in a trade
and my copy was recorded a bit too high, not enough to
totally ruin it, enough so I almost didn't post this
until I discovered the other one is gone, and enough
so I have lowered the levels of my copy by about 1.5
DB's. The fidelity of the microphones seems better in
this version but I've heard 2 versions of this show and
they are both among the clappiest auds I've ever heard.
I deleted the other one because it was too clappy and not
very good fidelity, this may be even clappier but the fidelity
is good enough for the clappiness to be more noticable.
Because of that I almost didn't post this one, but this
has the better frequency response, I don't know what was
used to record this but even with alot of audience
noise/clapping and being a little bit over-recorded, this
still is a fairly enjoyable Santana recording, the
percussion, vocals, keyboards and guitar are all about
as clear as they get at Tweeter Center, unless you're
really close up. That would have been tough at this show.
The Supernatural concert was one of the high points of
2000 Mass. concert season. They got a very warm reception
here which is nothing unusual for Santana in Boston area,
maybe even warmer than usual this time. This crowd was
very much in a mood for a Santana show, and I believe
this is all of it. Nobody went home from this disappointed.
unless someone recorded this show with shotgun mikes or
from close up, this may always be the clappiest Santana aud
heard on dime no matter whose version is up.
There's nothing like Santana in the summertime.
That's why I've got 3 to share from Summer in Mass.
with Santana. the other 2 are from 81 and 82, as part of
the July 4th torrent blast. This is a bit of a preview,
it's gonna be a busy weekend in a couple of weeks....
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
you can't put a monetary price on anything Santana.