Riverport Amphitheater
Maryland Heights (St Louis) MO

Lineage: Sonic Studios DSM-6--->Sony MZ-R55-->Sony Minidisc-->Sony JE530 minidisc recorder for playback-->optical out-->Audacity for volume adjustment and track splits-->TLH--flacs

Santana performed on a cold fall day in St. Louis with a setlist heavy on tunes from his mega-platiumn "Supernatural" album. The first song is from opening act Everlast. The temperature may have been low but Carlos certainly brought the heat. Muy caliente!

01 Everlast song*
02 Miles intro
03 Spiritual-->Yaleo
04 Love Of My Life
05 Put Your Lights On**
06 Day Of Celebration
07 Day Of Celebration, part 2
08 Rene intro-->Maria Maria
09 Cadans
10 Supernatural Thing
11 In A Silent Way-->The Calling
12 Corazon Espinado
13 Bacaolo Con Pan
14 Make Somebody Happy-->Get It In Your Soul
15 Black Magic Woman-->Gypsy Queen
16 Oye Como Va
17 Apache-->Smooth-->Dame Tu Amor
18 Jingo

*Santana sitting in with Everlast
**Everlast sitting in with Santana