All Is One Tour
The Arena
Atlanta, GA

Source: Neumann AK40s > Neumann Ic-3 active cables > Neumann X-stream XLRs > Sonosax sx-m2 > Sony D100
Location: Section 3, Row B, Seat 12 stage right ground stack
Taper: g.w.

Disc 1:
01. Miles Intro
02. Day of Celebration
03. Love To The People*
04. Adouma*
05. Love Of My Life
06. Put Your Lights On
07. Africa Bamba
08. Rene Martinez
09. Maria Maria Intro
10. Maria Maria
11. Foo Foo
12. Karl & Raul Percussion Solo
13. Victory Is Won
14. (De La) Yaleo

Disc 2:
01. Make Somebody Happy/Get It In Your Soul
02. Benny Rietveld Bass Solo
03. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
04. Oye Como Va
05. Apache/Smooth/Dame Tu Amor
06. Jingo/Band Intros

*w/The background singers from The Wailers

Chester Thompson (kbd/vo)
Andy Vargas (vo)
Karl Perazzo (perc/vo)
Carlos Santana (g/perc/vo)
Benny Rietveld (b)
Dennis Chambers (ds)
Myron Dove (rhythm g) (sideman)
Tony Lindsay (vo)
Raul Rekow (perc/vo)
William Ortiz (tp) (sideman)
Jeff Cressman (tb) (sideman)

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