All Is One Tour
MARCH 30, 2002

Taper:Michael Wilson
Lineage:Audience Master:Sony stereo pinmic>Sony MD mzr-700>RCA cdr>EAC>FLAC
Location:in front of board just to the left
Converted and uploaded by:Michael Wilson
Disc 1 70:56
Miles Intro
1) Day Of Celebration
2) *Love To The People
3) *Adouma
4) Love Of My Life
5) Put Your Lights On
6) Africa Bamba
7) Rene Intro / Maria Maria
8) Foo Foo
9) Victory Is Won
10) Yaleo / Benny Solo#
Disc 2 58:51
11) Make Somebody Happy / Get It In Your Soul / **Karl & Raul Solo
12) Bmw / Gypsy Queen
13) Oye Como Va
14) Apache /Smooth/Dame Tu Amor
15) Jingo
(*With The Wailer Singers,
**With Carlos On Drums,
#Benny solo is Imagine by John Lennon)
Notes:The MD was in my front shirt pocket on top of a pack of big red chewing gum for mic elevation.
Also this is not the best or the worst recording as I have enjoyed it many times.But I believe to be
the only source available.Im releasing this because you never know when the masters will degrade or have an accident
and I may want to get this back one not sell,karma is hell.ENJOY!