Marcus Amphitheatre

August 24th 2002


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This upload is a request of Dirk H from the Netherlands.
Fantastic SDB sound. Pity that the first few of the shows are missing.
Though the setlist is not very special, 2 of my all time favourite Santana live cuts are present.
Day of celebration(which was a hidden track on Supernatural) and Right on, be free. That track was
a hit in the 70s by the Voices of East Harlem. A funky, soulful track with a gospel touch.
When I saw Santana in Manchester in 2008, Beverly Knight did the vocals on this tune and that
was the highlight of the show.
I hope that one day this show will arise.....


Carlos Santana
Dennis Chambers
Tony Lindsay
Karl Perazzo
Raul Rekow
Benny Rietveld
Chester Thompson
Andy Vargas

Jeff Cressman
Myron Dove
William Ortiz

Rene Martinez #4, intro to Maria Maria
René was Carlos's guitar technician.

CD-R 1:

1. Listen To Me
2. Day Of Celebration
3. Victory Is Won
4. Rene Martinez
5. Maria Maria
6. Foo Foo
7. Aye Aye Aye
8. Dennis Chambers
9. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
10. Oye Como Va

Total Time: 59.52

CD-R 2:

11. Make Somebody Happy
12. Right On, Be Free/Get It In Your Soul
13. Benny Rietveld
14. Apache
15. Smooth
16. Dame Tu Amor
17. Jingo/Band Introduction

Total Time: 48.13

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Sorry, no artwork.

My twelfth upload.