SANTANA - Live Your Light Tour
Sydney - Acer Arena (known as "Superdome" during the Sydney Olympics)
28th of February 2008

Churchsound Cardioid Microphone System STC-9000 >
Sony M1 DAT recorder > M Audio Delta Audiophile via S/PDIF
> Cooledit Pro 2.0

Opening Act: Blue King Brown (not recorded)
SANTANA needs to be commented for the amazingly clear and tranparent sound they
managed to produce in this large indoor venue (ca 10 000), as well as for putting
together a show of high musical quality that made both the old and the newer fans
An incident close to the taper led to some 15 seconds of the opening of
"No one To Depend On" being unusable. This gap was made less noticable with
careful crossfading of the music before and after the missing segment, but
the attentive listener will still be able to spot it.

Disk 1 :

01. Intro - Peace
02. Jingo
03. Life Is For Living
04. Love Of My Life
05. Batuka
06. No One To Depend On
07. Yaleo (with long opening improvisation)
08. Carlos Address
09. Concerto - MARIA MARIA
10. Foo Foo
11. Corazon Espinado
12. Don't Take Your Love Away

Disk 2 :

01. Right On - Umi Says
02. Black Magic Woman - Gypsy Queen
03. Oye Como Va
04. Musical Band Intro
(incl. Eleanor Rigby Theme - Dance With Me)
05. Apache (with Natalie Pa'apa'a
06. Smooth - Dame Tu Amor


07. Woodstock Chant - Soul Sacrifice
(incl. percussion and drum solos)
08. Angel Chant - Into The Night

I want to thank the taper, you know who you are!
Personally I think he did a great job.