Carlos Santana
Chastain Park Amphitheatre
Atlanta, GA
April 25, 2008

Source: Panasonic WM-60 w/battery box > Iriver H120 (Rockbox 44/16 wav) > Har-Bal > Audacity > Wavbreaker > FLAC

1 - Video intro 2:45
2 - Jingo 7:16
3 - Life Is For Living 5:04
4 - Everybody's Everything 3:53
5 - Incident At Neshabur 10:26
6 - Chatter 4:10
7 - Concerto 3:30
8 - Maria Maria 5:04
9 - Foo Foo 5:38
10 -Corazon Espinado 5:06
11 -Band intros / ???? 15:28
12 -Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen 7:43

13 -Oye Como Va 7:13
14 -In a Silent Way / medley* 14:29
15 -If 6 was 9* 6:31
16 -After the Dance 5:22
17 -Yaleo 10:54
18 -Apache - Smooth - Dame 12:57

19 -Soul Sacrifice 11:48
20 -Angel Chant - Into The Night 6:48

Bonus (won't fit on CD)
21 -My Favorite Things** 9:57

*feat. Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi
**Santana plays with the Derek Trucks Band

Sound: Maybe a "B". FOB, about 25 feet from the right hand stack. Lots of bass, and a huge bass peak down to subsonic caused some overload on the bass during the louder parts. I didn't think the concert was that loud, but I guess the mics couldn't handle the bass. I used Har-bal to cut down the bass peak but the damage was done. Not one of my better recordings, but still very listenable, and the caliber of the performance easily transcends the sound problems IMHO. I've listened to it a few times cranked up in my car, and it makes me wish my commute was longer! Other than the bass overload, there are no drop outs, tape flips, level changes or mic movement.

Performance/venue: A+ on the performance. Everyone I went with thought it was one of the best concerts they've been to. Chastain Park is a unique venue and an Atlanta institution. Much of it is table seating, and you can bring in outside food, drinks, coolers and picnic baskets. People bring in fancy table cloths, wine glasses, fancy vases, you name it. This creates quite a party atmosphere. There was a guy walking around with a big shrimp platter giving away shrimp. At one point you'll hear Santana say "how's desert?". The downside is there's probably more chatter going on than other venues.

I got there too late to get the whole Derek Trucks set, so I included the "My Favorite Things" track where Santana joined in. You can hear lots of talking as some people are still eating and setting up their tables, and they don't notice Carlos Santana on the stage. You can here someone say "Oh it's Carlos" then it quiets down.

I did the best I could with the set list, but I'm not totally familiar with all the songs.