30 June 2008, Verona, Arena

145.04 min Aud MC, A-

Lineage : Edirol 16bit 44.1 kHz Recorder (built in Mics) > Memory Card > HD > Sound Forge 8.0 > Flac Frontend Level 8 with SBA > You

Recorded by Boguspomp

Mastered by Boguspomp

Excellent show, as are all of this tour. CS made a couple of mistakes on his guitar during the first 3 songs, but after that he was back in full glory as always.
We were in a perfect spot to see and record Santana. Sound was near perfect in the famous Verona Arena with a single echo at around 0.4 seconds, to be heard perfectly during the drums-solo.

Santana was in a great mood and played a couple of short inserts all over the set. Song # 20 i.e. features the melody from Spartacus, as my wife told me, followed by Greensleeves and then merges into a 4 minute blues.
Short mention of Sunshine of your love and another famous song, that I'm still working on to figure out.

We enjoyed the show very much and I hope you will too. Turn it up loud and dance !

No battery failure happened and the entire show is here for you in all its glory. I recorded many shows this summer and this one is soundwise still the best. Rating is an A-, the minus only for the clapping.



PS Greetings to MarkP, who was the reason I started recording as well.


01 Video Intro
02 Jingo
03 Life Is For Living
04 Incident at Neshabur
05 Part II
06 Batuka
07 No One To Depend On
08 Carlos Speech
09 Spain (Miles Davis) with Spanish Hymn intro
10 Maria Maria
11 Foo Foo
12 Corazon Espinado
13 Father, Son, Holy Ghost
14 Savor incl. Percussion Solos
15 Intro - Right On - Umi says
16 Doors like Instrumental (The End)
17 Black Magic Woman
18 Gypsy Queen
19 Oye Como Va
20 Spartacus - Greensleeves
21 Apache (Blues)
22 Smooth
23 Dame
24 Audience
25 Soul Sacrifice incl. Drums Solo
26 Angel Chant
27 Into The Night