July 22nd 2009

Lineage: MD recorder/PC/CDR/Cdex/TLH/you

This summer holiday I attended 2 Santana gigs. Apart from the show itself I was very special this time,
since I hooked up with a bunch of Santana addicts. Ment, ET, Frank, Eddy, Thomas K, Uwe, Thomas P, Sandor,
Kinichi, Mr. Hata, Helmut, Dietmar; without exception great guys with a shared passion!!
One of them taped the Dortmund show as well as the Halle show. I will up that one later.
THis MD recording is quite good.

As for the shows itself: not too many surprises or it must be that Chester Thompson wasn't there. He did play in
the pre-summer run at Vegas, but at the time he is even listed in the past members list at
CT was replaced by Freddy Ravel, who did a decent job.

In regard to the setlist:
I did like the new tune Hot Pants Power, though there were people with other views....(Frank).
It was great to hear Sacalo, Andy did a good job on that one. She's not there hadn't been played for a long
time either, but Tommy's vocals were a disgrace.... The Summertime introduction to BMW was superb!!
The show was shorter than the Halle show, by the way

Samples in the comments section, as well as a superb picture of Carlos made by yours truly.



1. Soul Sacrifice
2. Into the night
3. Everybody's everything
4. Incident at Neshabur
5. Aranjuez/Maria Maria
6. Foo Foo
7. Sacalo
8. She's not there
9. Evil ways/A Love supreme

Total time: 67.45


1. Hot pants power
2. Summertime introduction
3. Black Magic woman/Gypsy queen
4. Oye como va
5. Smooth/Da tu amor
6. Corazon espinado/Dennis Chambers
7. Jingo/Band Introduction

Total time: 54.52

Santana Band

Carlos Santana
Freddy Ravel
Raul Rekow
Tommy Anthony
Benny Rietveld
Karl Perazzo
Jeff Cressman
Bill Ortiz
Andy Vargas
Tony Lindsay
Dennis Chambers

Sorry, no artwork.

My eighth upload.