October 13, 2010


Lineage: Unknown recording equipment - CDRs from a trade/CDEx/Flacfrontend/TLH/you

About a week ago Jogi666 upped the Oberhausen show of October 7th. Great stuff.
That very same show was also taped by Ralf, who was also part of the pre-show dinner gang.
Ralf also went to the Mannheim gig, which he luckily also taped.
Yesterday I received his recording an just a second ago he mailed me that it was OK to
share it with the Dime community.


My personal thoughts are the same as on the Oberhausen show:

The overall sound is great, the ambiance was good.
The band was tight and obviously having fun.
Setlist, as expected, pretty predictable, but sometimes new interpretations made them interesting.
The last part of the show is a bit of a disappointment. Smooth and DTA are worn out and Love Peace & Happiness
is unworthy and very messy as a closing song.

All in all, both the Arnhem and Oberhausen show were really much better than I'd feared and Mannheim is no
exception to that.. I had a great time!!
Luckily not too many songs from Guitar Heaven. Whole lotta love is OK, Back in black better than on the record and
Sunshine of your love one of the weakest songs of the night.
The instrumental after Jingo is great!

In regard to the actual recoding: Good audience recording, though sometimes a bit oversteered.
All in all a good job!

CD-R 1:

1. Don Quixote
2. Back in black
3. Aye Aye/Para Los rumberos
4. Singing winds crying beasts
5. Black magic woman/Gypsy queen
6. Oye como va
7. Carlos speech
8. Maria Maria
9. Foo foo
10.Corazon Espinado
11.Dennis Chambers
13.??(instrumental ballad medley)

Total Time: 75.55

CD-R 2:

1. Batuka
2. No one to depend on
3. Taboo
4. Whole lotta love
5. Evil ways
6. A love supreme
7. Sunshine of your love
8. Smooth
9. Dame tu amor
10.Soul Sacrifice
12.Into the night
13.Love peace & happiness/Freedom

Total Time: 70.43

I've put some samples in the comments section.

My fourty-first upload.