March 25th 2011

Churchaudio Cardioid Mic System > Edirol R09HR > Adobe Audition 3

This recording was made by a fellow Santana fan and he asked me to share it with the Dime Community.
No problem, as you might have guessed.... :))
Our man in Sydney did a very good job as this is a very good audience recording!!

Setlist is not a big surprise, looking at the shows of the last couple of years, though some
songs have slightly new arrangements

Band is tight and the band seems to be having a real good time!

One thing struck me: at the the end of Europa Raul starts off with first hits of Batuka.
Wrong, since seconds later Carlos kicks off with Don Quixote....

CD-R 1:

01 Lord's Prayer
02 Yaleo
03 Singing Winds Crying Beasts
04 Black Magic Woman/ Gypsy Queen
05 Oye Como Va
06 Santana Speech
07 Maria Maria
08 Foo Foo
09 Corazon Espinado/ Benny - Dennis
10 Jingo
11 Santana Speech 2
12 Europa

Total Time: 77:23

CD-R 2:

13 Don Quixote/ Open Invitation
14 Back In Black
15 Santana Jam
16 Evil Ways/ A Love Supreme
17 Sunshine Of Your Love
18 Smooth/ Dame Tu Amor
19 Woodstock Chant/ Soul Sacrifice
20 Bridegroom/Into the Night
21 Love Peace & Happiness/ Freedom
(with band intros)

Total Time: 73:02

Carlos Santana - guitar, vocals
Raul Rekow - percussion
Karl Perazzo - percussion
David Matthews - keyboards
Benny Rietveld - bass
Dennis Chambers - drums
Tommy Anthony - guitar, vocals
Tony Lindsay - vocals
Andy Vargas - vocals
Jeff Cressman - trombone
Bill Ortiz - trumpet

Samples in the comments section.

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