///// A recording made by FotherMucker www.riporflip.tk


SP-CMC-4U (low sens mod)

iRIVER H140 (rockboxed)


SP-CMC-4U (low sens mod) mounted on cap-> H140 (rockboxed)-> WAV-> Adobe Audition (levels)-> Audacity (tracking, bass boost & fading)-> FLAC8 (dbpoweramp)


Santana - 2011-07-08 Lovely Days Festival, Wiesen, Austria

Spark of the divine
Back in black (AC/DC cover)
Singing wings, crying beasts
Black magic woman / Gypsy queen
Oye como va (Tito Puente cover)
Carlos speaks 1
Maria Maria
Foo foo
Corazón espinado
Cindy Blackman drum solo
Happy Birthday to Santana sound guy
Carlos speaks 2
Europa (Earth's cry, heaven's smile)
Evil ways / A love supreme (John Coltrane cover)
Sunshine of your love (Cream cover)
Dame tu amor
Woodstock chant
Dennis Chambers drum solo
Soul sacrifice
Bridegroom / Into the night
Love, peace & happiness / Freedom / Band introduction / Love, peace & happiness (reprise)
Louis Armstrong / What a wonderful world (outro) (PA)


I had free tickets and so I went to see this festival with my dad. I've been to this venue a few times, but never went to this particular festival, because the line up is normally not really my cup of tea- not that it's bad, but I don't listen to "this" kind of music. Anyway since I had free tickets and was interested to see what Santana could do live I went. Festival wasn't sold out, but there was still a lot of people there- I reckon somewhere between 8000 - 10000. Since the average attendee was around 40 years old (or even more) the entire experience was pretty enjoyable (not that older people can't go on your nerves). Santana came on right at 10pm and was perfectly on time. His slot was scheduled from 10pm to 30 minutes after midnight making room for a 2h30min performance, which he didn't deliver. It was more like 2h10min. Not complaining, but just pointing it out. I guess the real hardcore Santana fans might've been bummed out, but I was relieved after standing still for 2h10min- audiotaping and filming the entire show. Got one security duck during the beginning of Maria Maria, otherwise the recording came out really great. No talkers, no wind and no other problems to report.


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