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Pinede Gould
July 22, 2011

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Taped and edited by the ever so kind and humble Mr. J

2011 has been a remarkable Santana year for me.
I've seen them 4 times, 3 of which in Montreux.
The last time was in Antibes/Juan Les Pins, where I flew with Eddy.
Karim was our host there and we also met our wonderful Japanese buddies Kinichi M0toi
and Mr. Hata. Later we also met Mr. Fuji, a personal friend of Carlos, who always has close
contact to Carlos and the band. Tons of All Access passes round his neck.
In Perugia(see Andrea's brillant upload) Carlos dedicated Naima to him.
Mr. Fuji is a great John Coltrane fan and you cab hear him yell right at the start of A Love Supreme.
The little man was going beserk! Great to see!

The 22nd of July was a remarkable day in Antibes. Raining cats and dogs all day and in the afternoon
the venue was completely flooded. See pic 1.
Rumour even had it that the show would have to be cancelled. Luckily only Robert Randolph's
support act didn't go on.
At 6 the rain stopped and some pros tried to get rid of all the water in which our chairs were situated.
We were on row 1, dead centre, perfect seats. Thanks to our host.
Then sunshine broke through and illuminated this wonderful mini-arena on the edge of the beach.
Santana started at 10pm and from the very first tones the sound was fantastic!
What a difference with the Band show in Montreux!
However there was a strong wind coming from the Mediterranean and every once in a while drops of
water were blown off the stage tent, until during Oye Como Va, when an enormous flood of water drenched
the stage and part of the first few rows. Carlos mentions it at the start of Maria Maria ans also Trinity.
Some nice instrumentals in the setlist and the tracks with the guest appearance of RR
lifted the show to a higher level.
Africa in America for instance was superb! Lots of percussion! I can hear myself shout "hoppa" at the start....
That track was also played at the great Montreux run in 2006.
At midnight it was Carlos' birthday which was recognized by the audience.
You can hear that they started HB2U spontaneously.
Carlos was very much surprised. Even more that he got a birthday present by Kinichi,
a nice goodie bag with a Miles Davis DBD box. See pic2.

All in all a great show of a little over 150 minutes with superb sound and luckily captured for the Dime community.
During the last track there were some nice improvisations:

Ghost town by Jeff Cressmann
Get up stand up by Bill Ortiz
Roxanne by Tommy Anthony(really sounding like Sting; can't that be his future...haha)

CD-R 1:

1. Intro
2. Spark of the black divine/Sun Ra
3. Back In Black
4. Dear Lord
5. Singing Winds, Crying Beasts
6. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen
7. Oye Como Va
8 .Maria Maria
9. Foo Foo
10.Corazon Espinado/Dennis Chambers.Benny Rietveld
12.Blues Jam

Total Time: 75.16

CD-R 2:

13.Carlos speaks
15.Duende/Boogie woman
16.Africa in America
17.Evil Ways
18.A Love Supreme
19.Sunshine Of Your Love
20.Smooth/Dame tu amor
21.Soul Sacrifice
22.Bridegroom/Into The Night/Love, Peace & Happiness/Freedom
23.Happy Birthday/You're still a young man/Band introduction/Improvisations/Love, Peace & Happiness/Freedom

Total Time: 75.32

Carlos Santana
Tommy Anthony
Dennis Chambers
Jeff Cressman
Tony Lindsay
William Ortiz
Karl Perazzo
Dave K Matthews
Raul Rekow
Benny Rietveld
Andy Vargas

with Michael Carabello

Robert Randolph on

Samples in the comments section.

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