Shape Shifter East Coast Tour
Fraze Pavillion
Kettering, Ohio
July 10, 2012

Recorded by genesisoh
Source: CA-14 omnis > BAT 2B Battery Box > TASCAM DR-2D > SD flash card > USB to PC > Cool Edit Pro (trim,volume,160hz bass roll off,downsample 24/48 to 16/44) > CD Wave Editor > TLH > You
Location: Row 5 (right of center nearly in line with the right stack)

A great night of music and a wonderful recorded document! Santana turned 65 on July 20, yet he played a high-energy concert that lasted almost 2 hours and 45 minutes. Wow!!! There was no opening act - just pure Santana.

I had a seat that was just a few feet from being directly in line with the stack. This, combined with quiet folks around me, makes for a great and enjoyable recording. The Omnis really do a nice job of representing all of the diverse sounds heard over the course of the evening.

I personally am glad that Santana played many of his older and/or jam-oriented (and less pop) songs. He just has so many good ones to choose from. So after you download this show, close your eyes and prepare to go on a musical journey that will make you smile.

As always, this recording is to be traded freely and NEVER SOLD. Enjoy the show and, if you attended, relive the music! Be sure to see Santana if you can and buy his music. And lastly, ENJOY!!!

Here are the details:

1. PIgs Snout/ Stranger In Moscow
2. Love Is You Love Is Me
3. Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
4. Oye Como Va
5. Maria Maria
6. Foo Foo
7. Europa
8. Batuka/ No One To Depend On
9. Corazon Espinado
10. Jingo
11. Metatron
12. Nomad
13. Incident At Neshabur
14. Toussaint L'overture
15. Evil Ways/ A Love Supreme
16. Smooth/ Dame Tu Amor
17. Encore Applause
Woodstock Chant
18. Soul Sacrifice
19. Bridegroom/ Into The Night
20. Love, Peace,& Happiness/ Freedom