Jazz A Vienne
Theatre Antique

July 11th 2013


Taped by my good friend from France, who's already shared some more nice shows.
Thanks a lot!

This is probably the last taped show with Raul Rekow. He sadly disappeared from the Santana line-up
after the UK leg.......He will be missed a lot.
For a lot of discussions in regard to his leaving visit the Moonflower Cafe.

Surprises in this set are Everybody's Everything and Se a Cabo as well as the new song Sadeira.
Decebt set, professionally played!

01. Quasar Intro/Toussaint L�Ouverture
02. Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
03. Oye Como Va
04. Carlos Speaks
05. Maria Maria
06. Foo Foo
07. Corazon Espinado
08. Incident At Neshabur
09. Everybody's Everything
10. Se A Cabo
11. Samba Pa Ti
12. Jingo
13. Smooth/Dame Tu Amor
14. Soul Sacrifice
15. Saideira
16. Crowd
17. Bridegroom/ Into The Night/Love, Peace And Happiness

Carlos Santana � vocals, guitars
Raul Rekow � percussion
Benny Rietveld � bass
Karl Perazzo � percussion
Tony Lindsay � vocals
Bill Ortiz - trumpet
Jeff Cressman - trombone
Dennis Chambers � drums
Tommy Anthony � guitars
David K. Mathews � keyboards
Andy Vargas - vocals

My eighty-fifth upload