Rogers Arena, Vancouver, BC

2 Aug 2014

Audience recording: 78.37 mins. Quality: A-

Recording: Church Audio CA-11's (cardioids) > Church Audio CA-9200 > Sony PCM-M10 > SD Memory Card @ 24/48
Mastering: Wav 24/48 > Asus ST Soundcard 24/192 > Soundforge Pro 11 incl. Waves plug ins> 24/48 > Izotope 64bit > 16/44.1 > TLH Flac with SBA > You

DGB Comments:

Recorded in section 118 left hand side of the stage in perfect sight of the left speaker stacks.
Reasonably quiet audience around me, although it got a little bit more enthusiastic for Rod Stewart.
Was looking forward to seeing both Santana & Rod Stewart. Never miss a Santana show when he comes to town.
Last time seeing Rod Stewart was nearly 20 years ago. Santana in my opinion stole the show.
His playing was faultless. Great set list as well. Sound for some reason for Rod Stewart was not as
clear & crisp as for Santana. Also especially at the start of the show Rod Stewart�s voice seemed off
although this could have been my imagination. It seemed that Rod was having trouble singing the softer parts,
whereas his voice came out loud & clear on the higher notes. Where Santana stole the show musically,
Rod stole the show visually including a handful of beautifully dressed female musicians & backing
singers as well as a great stage layout & light show. The highlight was Santana joining Rod for �I�d
Rather Go Blind�. This was worth the price of admission. Overall a great evening of music & entertainment.
Unfortunately this show took place the same evening as the summer night fireworks in Vancouver.
I got stuck with all the traffic leaving town. It took me if I remember rightly nearly 1 hour just to
get out of my underground parking spot!

Boguspomp Comments:

I am posting these shows seperately. First Santana (Opening show), then Rod Stewart (Main Show).
I can't agree with DGB about the sound. Both shows have about the same sound; what I saw on the spectrum
was a overall more compressed (louder) sound for Santana. After a little tweeking they both sound good to me.
Rod Stewart had more girls screaming. That might have influenced DGB's opinion about the sound (:


01 Intro
02 Toussaint L'Overture
03 Everybody's Everything
04 Black Magic Woman
05 Gypsy Queen
06 Oye Como Va
07 Carlos Speech
08 Maria Maria
09 Foo Foo
10 Corazon Espinado
11 Europa (Earth's Cry, Heaven's Smile)
12 Tequila
13 Smooth
14 Audience
15 Soul Sacrifice
16 Solo Section
17 Saideira (incl. Roxanne)