The Theater at
Grand Prairie TX
April 18, 2015
Incomplete show

Source: SP-CMC-08s Card elements->SP-SB1(no bass roll-off)->
Zoom H4n 24bit 96htz >HDD>Goldwave to split the file> Audacity to reample to 16 Bit /44.1>
traders little helper flac level 7

Taper: whotapes
Recorded from Section 303 row DDD

01 Power of Peace Intro
02 Toussaint L'Overture
03 Give It Up or Turnit a Loose - People Are You Ready
04 (Da Le) Yaleo
05 Black Magic Woman / Gypsy Queen
06 Oye como va
07 Maria Maria
08 Foo Foo
09 Coraz´┐Żn espinado
10 Jingo
11 Europa
12 Batuka
13 No One To Depend On
14 Let There Be Peace On Earth
15 Hope Your Feeling Better
16 Blackie Joe
17 The Way You Make Me Feel

As it happens sometimes things did not go as planned. I decided to try recording at the 24 bit and 96 htz. I had no idea Santana was going to play for 3 hours. And I thought I had plenty of room on my SD card.
But it ran out around 1:55 into the show. I wasn't going to even bother posting but someone asked for it. So here it is. I had never seen Santana before and I have to say I was more than impressed. Next time he comes around
I will definetly make the effort to go and record the full show!