Santana, Amsterdam, Ziggodome 2015-06-30
First concert of his European tour

A fiend of mine is a huge Santana fan, but had never been to one of his concerts.
So seeing the announcement of the Ziggodome concert I called him up and we agreed to go that concert together.
But a month or so later when planning his holiday he forgot about the Santana concert.
To cut a long story short. Yesterday morning he flew in from Pisa and we went to the concert together
This morning I took him to the Eindhoven Airport and this afternoon he continues his holiday in Italy
Apart from the band I think he traveled the longest way to make his way to the Ziggodome...
Because of my trip to the airport today I took the day off and had time to do this upload on Dime (and stay out of the sun)

The setlist... is a bit of a guess (including some of the point where the tracks were splitted)
I like Santana's music but a lot of the songtitles are lost on me. Sorry
So I made a guess here, had a little help ( and here and some titles still remain unknown.
But I know/hope there are enouigh Santana fans out there who can fill in the gaps and make the rest of the setlist correct.
So here I go with my version of last night's setlist

01 Power of peace intro - Toussaint overture
02 Love makes the world go round
03 ??????
04 Black magic woman - Gypsy queen
05 05 Oye como va
06 Maria Maria
07 Foo foo
08 Corazon espinado
09 Bass and drum solo
10 Jing-go-lo-ba
11 No one to depend on
12 ??????
13 Hope you're feeling better
14 Evil ways
15 A love supreme
16 ????????
17 The way you make me feel
18 If anyone can
19 ?????
20 Tequila - Ticket to ride - Get ready - Tequila
21 Smooth
22 Soul sacrefice
23 Saideira
24 Band introductions incl. Roxanne.

As I have done before at the Venice in Apeldoorn concert I uploaded some time ago, I recorded this concert with my Nikon D5100 with an external mocrophone (ME-1)
I have had the mice pointing at the speakers all the time. I was suprised that, although the music was very loud and I was sitting relatively close to the speakers, the recording turned out that good.
With the help of Switch Sound File Convertor I changed the MOV files to WAV files, made chapters in Music Cleaning Lab and changed the files to Flac.
Soundwise nothing has been changed.

These are the complete audio specs
Format : PCM
Format settings, Endianness : Little
Format settings, Sign : Signed
Codec ID : sowt
Duration : 2mn 38s
Bit rate mode : Constant
Bit rate : 1 536 Kbps
Channel(s) : 2 channels
Channel positions : Front: L R
Sampling rate : 48.0 KHz
Bit depth : 16 bits
Stream size : 29.0 MiB (8%)

One final remark: with the photocamera you can film 20 minutes max. (That has something to do with rights and a conflict of interest with videocamera's I have been told)
So within these 20 minutes you have to make a stop and restart. I tried to make those stops in between the songs, but in a few cases that didn't work out.
By going from one song to another Carlos and his mates sometimes exceeded my recording time of 20 minutes.
And the length of the concert made is necessary to change the battery.
Those little kick-ups were "repaired" as nicely as could be done. I personally think that worked out quite well and only very little music is lost.

I hope you like the concert as much as I did
Support the artists: go to their concerts!!!

I don't care what you do with these recordings (change the audio, convert it into MP3, or whatever) As long as you don't sell them!