Santana - Arena Di Verona, Italy, 2015/07/20
Tascam Mic > iPod 5 > Wavelab > EQ > Wave > Flac

01 Soul Sacrifice
02 Saideira
03 Love Makes the World Go 'Round'
04 Freedom in Your Mind
05 Maria Maria
06 Foo Foo
07 Coraz�n espinado
08 Happy Birthday Carlos
09 Jin-go-lo-ba
10 Percussion Solo
11 Evil Ways
12 A Love Supreme
13 Blue Train - A Place with No Name
14 Samba pa ti
15 Chill Out (S�calo)
16 Tequila
17 Smooth
18 India - Black Magic Woman - Gypsy Queen
19 Oye como va
20 Toussaint L'Overture
21 Ominous

I picked this up from another tracker and the guy who "taped" this Santana concert was so kind to allow me to upload it here on Dime
He couldn't do it himself because he's no Dime-member.

I looked it up on the internet and a Tascam Mic records CD-quality digital recording (44.1kHz/16-bit linear PCM)
Therefore it is allowed here on Dime.
No further information, then to tell you the sound is good, the band is good, and the venue is awesome (if you haven't been there... you have to take my word for that, or go and se for yourself)
I still plan to see Ligabue there one of these days... or years.

Have fun with it
Don't sell it (that would be rude to me and especially to the guy who recorded it.)