2015-07-25 Santana, O2 London (24/96)

Yoga EM8 mic (w/Church battery box) >Sony PCM M10 > Goldwave (Reduce nearby clapping, boost overall volume, split tracks, convert to FLAC) > This file

Recorded from the back of the floor, stage right.


1 Soul Sacrifice
2 Saideira
3 Love Makes The World Go Round
4 Freedom In Your Mind
5 Maria Maria
6 Foo Foo
7 Samba Pa Ti
8 Eleanor Rigby (Keyboard Solo)
9 Corazon Espinado
10 Jingo
11 Evil Ways / 12 A Love Supreme
13 Blue Train / A Place With No Name
14 Chill Out (Sacalo)
15 Tequila
16 Smooth
17 London Blues
18 Black Magic Woman
19 Oye Como Va
20 Troussant L'Overture
21 Ominous

You'll notice there is no track 12 - I couldn't find the start of A Love Supreme, so left a gap in the numbering for anyone who wants to split out the second part of track 11.

It would be nice if this wasn't sold, down-converted, or mis-labelled, but there's nothing I can actually do to prevent it.

If you convert to mp3, it's your ears that are being cheated.