Pier Six Pavilion
Baltimore, MD
August 26, 2015

This was my second Santana show of the week. The setlists were almost identical except for Sacalo, which replaced a two song instrumental interlude. Salvador Santana's three songs were better received in Baltimore, but still a bit of a disappointment.

Just before Europa, Santana identified a woman in the front row who has been coming to many of his shows, and gave her a guitar. Yes, I do wish it would have been me!

For Santana fans who yearn for fewer "hits" in the setlist, there is good news on two fronts: Santana is forming "Supernova" with John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and his wife Cidndy Blackman on drums. He announced plans to record and then tour.

"Santana IV" has been recorded with members of his original band, with a tour expected next summer.

The sound quality on this is one very nice, so enjoy and play it loud! Samples are included in the comments section.

CA-14 cards > CA9100 > Edirol R-09HR @ 24/48 > Kingston SDHC > Audacity- tracks split, EQD, downsampled to 16/44.1 > flac (level 8)
Location: Front Orchestra

01-Soul Sacrifice
603-Love Makes the World Go Round
04-Freedom In Your Mind
05-Carlos Talks
06-Maria Maria
07-Foo Foo
08-Carlos Gives a Guitar to Melinda
10-Carlos Introduces Salvador
11-Summer's Day*
12-Rise Up*
13-Fantasy Reality*
14-Corazon Espinado
16-Evil Ways
17-A Love Supreme
18-Blue Train - A Place With No Name
22-Encore Call
23-Black Magic Woman - Gypsy Queen
24-Oye Como Va
25-Toussaint L'Overture

* Salvador Santana and Alex Nestor

Carlos Santana - guitar, vocal
Benny Rietveld - bass
Jeff Cressman - trombone
Bill Ortiz - trumpet
Tommy Anthony - guitar, vocal
Paoli Mej´┐Żas - percussion
Karl Perazzo - percussion
David Mathews - keyboards
Tony Lindsay - vocals
Andy Vargas - vocals
Pepe Jimenez - drums