Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles
Sunshine Festival
Diamond Head Crater
Honolulu, Hawaii
January 1st, 1972

B/B+ Check Sample

Carlos Santana: Guitar, vocals
Buddy Miles: Drums, percussion, congas, vocals
Neal Schon: Guitar
Ron Johnson: Bass guitar
Bob Hogins: Organ, electric piano
Hadley Caliman: Flute, Saxophone
Luis Gasca: Trumpet
Greg Errico: Drums
Richard Clark: Drums, percussion, congas
Coke Escovedo: Drums, percussion, timbales
Mike Carabello: Percussion, congas.
Mingo Lewis: Percussion
Victor Pantoja: Percussion, congas

CD 1

T1 ? 8:06
T2 Layla 6:33
T3 Little Wing 5:37
T4 ? 10:11
T5 ? 9:31
T6 Simple Song 4:23
T7 ? 3:25 (cuts)

*Both Layla & Little Wing are instrumentals

CD 2

T1 ? Cont... 4:47
T2 4:02
T3 Marbles 7:07 (removed)
T4 ? 6:04
T5 Evil Ways 7:49 (removed)
T6 ? 2:13
T7 Them Changes (removed) 7:27

* Not sure why "Free Form Funkafide Filth" is not here somewhere.

This recording was traded from my #1 connection, agalli. He received it in a trade from our own HermanLR (Thanks!). Herman has shared 30 uploads here but his Santana collection is so vast, he can't reasonably satisfy our desires for great Santana Shows- so I lend a hand..... : )

The recording varies in quality with a few minor cuts here & there plus the mix is not great. I question the label of SBD for this recording as there is a point when the taper (on stage member of the band) is audibly confronted by staff( T1 D2). This recording does not compare with the Columbia release but at least it does not have that phony looping applause that pollutes the official release. I wish Columbia would release an extended version without that effect. Plus.. Marbles, Evil Ways, Them Changes etc.. are all all edited compared to the versions found on these recordings.

I can see Diamond Head from where I live which makes this show even more special for me.