Santana Shorter Band
Fillmore Auditorium
San Francisco, CA USA
June 15th, 1988

*debut concert by This band

Carlos Santana- Guitar
Wayne Shorter- Saxes
Alphonso Johnson-Bass
Chester Thompson-Keys
Patrice Rushen-Keys
Ndugu Chancler-Drums
Armando Peraza-Perc
Jose Chepito Areas-Perc

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Disc 1

Serpentine Fire w/ Equinox Tease -7:43
Kinesis -4:15
Wayne I -11:27
Incident At Neshabur -13:03
Shh -7:55
Bella -4:51
Fireball 2000/Jose "Chepito" Areas/Armando Peraza/"Ndugu" Leon Chancler - 15:58

Disc 2

Goodness And Mercy/Band Introduction -7:57
Sanctuary -8:27
For Those Who Chant -1:10
The Healer-6:21
Hannibal -5:07
Alphonso Johnson/Cavatina -11:03
Mandela -7:17
Elegant People -6:08
Ballroom In The Sky -6:32
Once It's Gotcha -8:13

This has been easily one of the most common/popular "Santana Shorter Band" shows in trading circles for many years. But for some reason, I have not noticed it posted on dime nor does it come up in a dimebot search. Whatever the case, I thought I would up it for those who do not already have this nice sbd from a great band.

Happy New Year!