Santana-Shorter Band
Avery Fisher Hall
Lincoln Center
New York
JUNE 30, 1988


Some time ago gratefuljoe posted the late show of this date. Many thanks again!!
That was the first time I even heard that there had been 2 shows that night..... :))

Not having seen the Early Show here before I thought it would be nice to post that one as well.
An AUD, so absolutely not as good as yesterday's Albuquerque 1974 upload, whaich was exceptionally good.
But......I think the soundquality is a bit better than the Late Show (not so distant)
and moreover a longer setlist. So some of you might wanna have a go at it!

If you listen to the samples you know what I mean by "it's an AUD".......
But as's for free, so take it or leave it, but don't complain!!

The Santana-Shorter line up was one of superb craftmanship. A perfect combination of the Santana latin sound
and the more jazz orientated feel of Wayne Shorter. Both musicians contributed tracks to the setlist.
Wayne II is in fact also known as Kinesis, a track that appeared on the Clyde Criner album Behind the sun,
on which Carlos played some tracks. Kinesis was played several times by the Santana Band in the late 80s

CD-R 1:

1. Serpentine Fire
2. Wayne II aka Kinesis
3. Wayne I
4. Incident At Neshabur
5. Shhh

Total Time: 48:38

CD-R 2:

5. Fireball 2000/Jose �Chepito� Areas/Armando Peraza
6. Jose �Chepito� Areas/Armando Peraza
7. Goodness And Mercy
8. Mandela
9. Elegant People

Total Time: 32:53

Carlos Santana
Wayne Shorter
Jose �Chepito� Areas
�Ndugu� Leon Chancler
Alphonso Johnson
Armando Peraza
Patrice Rushen
Chester Thompson

My seventy-seventh upload