Sara Watkins
BBC Broadcasting House, London, UK.
xx April 2009

Broadcast by BBC Radio 3 on 17th April 2009 "World on 3"

**[BBC Radio 3 is an FM and digital broadcaster. Bit rate on DAB radio is 160kbps,
DVB-T and Digital Satellite 192kbps. A recording of this concert may exist from the
FM transmission. Please post torrents of this if it exists. Dependent on sound quality,
equipment used and signal quality such FM recordings may sometimes represent an
upgrade. As this is a lossy radio transmission at source it has not been bloated to
flac, following DIME guidelines.]**

DVB-T (192kbps / 48Khz) > Nebula DigiTV > Hard Disk MP2 > mp3DirectCut


01 Introduction
02 Long hot summer days
03 Chat I
04 My Friend
05 Jefferson
06 Chat II
07 Too Much

Sara Watkins (guitar/fiddle)

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7db62d75e0cd19c7ff6c561315866cf1 *05.mp2
88cbf44f98b3374fd3b56f8b0fa01329 *06.mp2
b58b17d310f13455ee9a58f42d0686b2 *07.mp2