Sarah Jaffe

live @ GOOD Records
Dallas, Texas
Record Store Day
April 16, 2011

SP-CMC-4(AT853s) > SP-SPSB-1 > JB3 >
USB > PC > Audacity > .flac > you

Sarah - vocals, guitar
Jeremy - guitar, vocals
Jessy - keyboards

01. Under
02. Black Hoax Lie
03. Vulnerable
04. A Sucker For Your Marketing
05. Clementine

first seeded to Dime April 2011.

nice brief set from one of our finest
homegrown singer/song-writers. cheers
to these kids for starting our Record
Store Day off right. noon is a bit
early for a musical performance in my
humble opinion so major props to you
Sarah for taking one for the team.
cheers also to everyone who got up 'early'
and packed the venue for this set.
my gear was set up dead center about
10' from the PA. enjoy Sarah's vulnerable
performance in all its heartwrenching
detail. the vocals do clip a couple times
but it is so brief you may not even notice.
holler at GOOD Records to grab Sarah's
newest record 'Suburban Nature' on vinyl.