Sarah McLachlan
August 7th, 2016.
Stranahan Theater & Great Hall - Toledo, OH.

Taper: Charles Dewey Cole, IV <>
Location: Section FLR RGT, Row E - Seat 2
(see chart here:
Source: AT853 Cardioids (4.7k mod) > SP-SPSB-11 (@69Hz) > Sony PCM-M10 (24 bit @48kHz) >
Adobe Audition 3.0 (dithered to 16 bit @44.1kHz) > Cd Wave > FLAC
Conversion: Charles Dewey Cole, IV <>
Equipment: SanDisk 16GB MicroSD Card > (USB) @ 48kHz > 44.1kHz > Cd Wave

*** An Intimate Solo Performance by Sarah McLachlan ***
Total Time: (1:23:00)

01. Building A Mystery 6:07
02. Good Enough 4:27
03. Possession 5:39
04. I Will Remember You 5:52
05. Adia 5:16
06. Beautiful Girl 4:24
07. World On Fire 4:34
08. Fallen 4:36
09. Song For My Father 4:16
10. The Long Goodbye 5:11
11. Nothing Compares 2 U * 6:18
12. Sweet Surrender 4:37
13. Loving You Is Easy 3:31
14. Angel 5:27
15. ~ Encore ~ 1:23
16. Brink Of Destruction 4:34
17. Ice Cream 4:02
18. The Sound That Love Makes 2:47


* = Originally Recorded by Prince (The Family).

Regarding the recording, I did adjust the volume levels when the clapping
would start to clip. I stuck with -3.5db during the loud applause.

Sarah did mention before she started the show how she has been battling laryngitis
as well as a bad summer cold. She had to cancel a show in York, PA last week and
almost had to cancel others (including this one). Thankfully, she preserved and
played on. She did cough a few times in the middle of songs (away from the microphone)
but she still sounded incredible.

This performance is completely solo with no band. From what she was saying, these
performances are pretty rare (outside of smaller sets), so we got very lucky. I
would love to see her do more of these! Her talent really shined hearing the songs
stripped back this way.

Please note, during "Angel" you will hear some women angrily get up and leave after
an audience member told them to be quiet. They were talking (quietly) but could
still be heard by all of us. The recording didnt pick them up too much outside of
this interaction. Everyone else was quiet and respectful during the performance.

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