Sarah McQuaid
Lieth Folk Club
Victoria Park Hotel
Edinburgh Scotland
7th September 2013

Zoom H4n-Internal mics-Scandisk Ultra 16gb sd card-Audacity-CD Wave-Flac

Disc 1

102-Sprig Of Thyme
103-The Chickens They Are Crowing
104-The Sun Goes On Rising
105-Hardwicks Lofty Towers Intro
106-Hardwicks Lofty Towers
107-At Derby Cathedral
108-In The Pines Intro + Story
109-In The Pines
110-What Are We Going to Do Intro
111-What Are We Going To Do
112-Intro to Zoe Pollock"
113--Aqui Me Pente Yo
114-General Chat
115-Lift You Up and Let You Fly

Disc 2

201-Intro Set Two
202-So Much Rain
203-Uncloudy Day
204-Shady Grove
205-Can She Excuse My Wrongs "
206-Intro to Perhaps
207-Perhaps Perhaps
208-Intro to I Made a Garden
209-I Made You a Garden
210-John Nash Story
211-The Joy Of Living
212-Talk and Thanks-
213-Last Song
214-First Time I Ever Saw Your Face

Using internal mics so there is some rubbing if clothing/handling noises
Some slight distortion on "109-In The Pines" as Sarah comments the mixing desk sound must have been turned up