Satan & Adam
Columbia University Radio WKCR
Live in the studio on "Something Inside of Me" blues show.
Taped by a friend sometime in 1990. Sorry I have no more information about the date other than the fact that the show airs on saturdays.

Lineage: FM>Cassette Tape>Cassette Tape>CDR using Philips standalone burner>to FLAC using xACT


1. DJ Intro 1:42
2. Shake-a-little, Rattle and Roll 4:36
3. Groovy People 7:18
4. You Got Me Running 5:42
5. I Create the Music 8:45
6. Listen to the Music 8:01

Sterling "Mr. Satan" Magee: Vocals, guitar, percussion
Adam Gussow: Harmonicas

I first saw these guys on a Manhattan street in 1990 and they still rank as the best street performance I have ever seen. By the time of this broadcast they had started doing club gigs. I hear they have reunited and I am looking forward to seeing them again. U2 used a small clip of them in Rattle and Hum. You have to see them to believe them; Mr. Satan playing singing while playing guitar and operating Hi-hat cymbals with his feet would have seemed crazy if it hadn't sounded so incredible.
A friend taped this and gave me a copy of the cassette the week after it aired. This tape has been a favorite of mine ever since. Unfortunately, my friend lost the tape, so there is no hope of a first generation copy. I have never seen any other Satan and Adam recordings aside from their 4 official releases. If anyone has other recordings of them please share!