"Saturday Of Folk Music"
WRVR (NYC) live broadcast July 29, 1961.

WRVR hosted a legendary all-day Folk Festival, produced by Izzy Young and Bob Yellin and featuring about 50 performers. Bob Shelton's NY Times review is included.

This is is from reel "part-2". Other parts were not found.
There are some very good performances here, but be warned that this amateurish recording has varous shortcomings and is sometimes not an easy listen. Can anyone improve the setlist?

TT=2:08. First torrent Oct 2011 by Lowgen.

Jack Elliott-
1 -San Francisco Bay Blues
2 -How Long Blues
3 -Hard Traveling
4 -Talking Fisherman
5 -I Belong to Glasgow
6 -Cocaine
7 unknown Turkish singer
8 another unknown Turkish singer
John Wynn-
9 -preamble
10 -Man Is For The Woman Made
11 -Let Me Go With You
12 -Little Boy How Old Are You?
13 -Low And Sweet
Herman Stevens of the Stevens Gospel Singers-
14 -He's Wonderful
15 -He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
16 Station break
17 Bruce Langhorne- Don't Take Everybody To Be Your Friend
18 Anne Bird- Anchored In Love
Anne Bird & Logan English-
19 -Sun's Gonna Shine In My Back Door Somebody
20 -Storms Are On The Ocean
21 -Till I Return Again
22 -Knoxville Girl
Logan English-
23 -Barbara Allen
24 -Kitty Alone
25 -Washington Square Music Permit Blues
John Herald & The Greenbriar Boys-
26 -Down The Road
27 -Stewball
28 -instrumental
29 -We Need A Whole Lot More Of Jesus And A Lot Less Rock And Roll

Gary Davis-
1 -Salty Dog instrumental
2 - instrumental
3 - instrumental
Dave Van Ronk-
4 -Letter Addressed In Red
5 -Green Green Rocky Road
6 -Hootchie Cootchie Man
7 -Poor Lazarus
Victoria Spivey-
8 -introduction by Len Kunstat
9 -Satan Get Down Below
10 -My Man Caught Me Wrong
11 -intro to Saint Louis Blues
12 -Saint Louis Blues with W.C. Handy Jr.
Tom Paxton-
13 -Springhill Mine Disaster
14 -Pepperfoot
15 -The Train for Auschwitz
16 -Sully's Pail
17 -Going To The Zoo
18 -John Birch Society
19 -Pastures Of Plenty