SATURNIA : Italian JIMI HENDRIX convention 2006-2008
Second Volume (OUTTAKES)? check on DIME for volume one

What you have here are Soundboard recordings taken from differents editions
of SATURNIA: Italian JIMI HENDRIX meeting.

In the last 12 years, started as a group of friends togehter
we set up a event with 3 days of music, food, talkin' bout Jimi.
And we are at our 12th edition now....

Its'a private thing, we set up a farm in the middle of nothing in Tuscany ( or elsewhere)
where we can play at the time we want, how much we want...
just for our pleausure and for our other bullshit...
The quality ( sound system & playin too!)are improving every year.

Several bands,guitarist-s did the pleausure to visit us,
even from out Italy
(you'll have here live recordings of the Austrian (now livin in Holland)
Rudy Kronfuss, and from the fantastic Hungarian band Jimi Hendrix memorial

This is a little sampler of what we've done,
we can call some amateur soundboard recordings...
since this is what we are.
Only in last few years we managed to record everything in a "good" way.. least we hope so!
We have here recordings from the two last edition
( plus some from a Verona november 2007 fest hosted by Voodoo Groove)

so forgive us for some bad mixing, some voice litte loud etc..
we were doing this ALIVE, directly from Mixboard...
meanwhile doing many other things;-)

we had three main sources for this compilation.

A CANON 8mm camera->audience stereo mic->PC->CDWAVE->you
B 16track mix(but only 8 mic)-> HP laptop-> CDWAVE ->you
C 16track mix -> AUDACITY->SONY Minidisc-> cdr -> CDWAVE ->you


1) Sound of Saturnia ( intro) A
2) John Marshall Gibbs_ One rainy wish
3) John Marshall Gibbs_ Axis: bold as love ( special effects with colledit2000) A
4) Gypsy raimbow _ are you experienced? C
5) Gypsy raimbow _ Manic depression C
6) Tolo Marton _Alpine valley A
7) Tolo Marton _Fire A
8) Tolo Marton _Little wing A
9) Tolo Marton _Villanova junction A
10) Tolo Marton _Paligap ( With Maurizio Bonini)
11) Tolo Marton _Red House ( With Maurizio Bonini, ALex dal Corso, Rudy Kronfuss)
12) Tolo Marton _ end gig A
13) Maurizio Bonini Unplugged soundcheck B
14) Black Sheep_ Killing floor B
15) Emanuele Fizzotti_All Long the watchtower B
16) Emanuele Fizzotti_ catfish Blues B
17) Rudy Kronfuss_ Valley Of Neptune B


Tolo Marton & Maurizio Bonini Paligap 2006

others bands member-s

SImone Galassi it's the lead guitarist for GYPSY RAIMBOW
Emanuele Fizzotti it's the lead guitarist for PSYCHADELIC SUNRISE
Alex dal Corso it's the lead guitarist of....himself!

Enrico Menabue plays bass on 4-5
Trioladro bass player "Pacciani" plays bass on 15-16
Marco Soverini plays drums on all tracks exept 14-17

sorry if i forget someone