Savoy Brown
Ludlow's Garage
Cincinnati, OH

Chris Youlden - Vocals
Kim Simmonds - Lead Guitar
Lonesome Dave Peverett - Guitar, Vocals
Roger Earle - Drums
Tone Stevens - Bass

Lineage- soundboard via trade to me> TLH for formatting and torrent creation> DIME

1-I Want You to Love Me
2-I'm Tired
3-Louisiana Blues

I happily saw and downloaded the recent 1972 SB show posted by Ian. That made me think of the earlier Chris Youlden years, which to me, epitomized this very long-running band. I did a search of what was currently on the tracker from that early SB band, and found that this soundboard was not up at the moment. I'm certain it must've been in the past. I got my copy in a trade long ago.
I did once see the "Looking In" version of SB (aka "early Foghat" with Kim Simmonds), but never got to see this version with Youlden. I know that he went on to do a couple of solo albums that are certainly worth seeking out. He had a great voice and I think it all meshed really well at this point for the band.
Since the longest track on this show is Louisiana Blues with a Lonesome Dave vocal, this doesn't feature Youlden as much as a couple of the other shows that pop up from this era. Still, this is a very good show.
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