Savoy Brown
1973-02-24 _ D�sseldorf, Germany _ Philipshalle _ (M?-AUD)
"Hot Rock Night 1973" (17.50DM advance, 20DM day of show)

~*~ DimeTravel brings you "British Blues BOOM!" Volume 43 ~*~
�!� Carefully remastered fixing various issues, without EQ �!�

01-[10:51]. I Hate To See You Go
02-[10:12]. Wang Dang Doodle
03-[07:48]. Tell Mama

Total Time ::: 28:50

::: VERY fine AUD for its vintage. Check samples for "need or not" assessment without full injection.
::: Warts: Couple of dropouts or dullspots couldn't be totally repaired & surely missed a few.
::: Bill: "Hot Rock Night 1973": Family/Focus/Hawkwind/Home/Mick Abrahams Band/Savoy Brown/Vinegar Joe.
::: Don't think I have any other sets (but who knows). Hawkwind circulates, likely more.
::: Very possibly most or all of Savoy's set (with 7 bands on the bill on one night...).
::: Apparently a follow-up to "Hot Rock Night 1972". Poster around online.
::: This gig is missing from the very fine listings at
::: Blog mentioned above is the source for my band line-up.

Recording Information ::: unknown mono recording equipment -> master tape -> unknown (not many!) generations -> unknown generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette, Dolby B on.

Playback 2015-04-xx ::: unknown generation Maxell XLII-90 cassette on Nakamichi 680ZX cassette deck, Dolby B on, azimuth & speed adjusted (pitched!) for individual recording, heads cleaned & demagnetized -> Sony Linear PCM Recorder PCM-M10 (LPCM 44.10kHz/16bit WAV files) -> computer -> Audacity [normalisation to remove DC offset, channel/phase alignment, fades, manual one-at-a-time glitch, bump, pop, click, dropout & dullspot repairs, volume adjustments, -2.6% averaged pitch (speed) fix with single pass after frequency analysis & with pitchpipe verification, NO equalisation] -> CD Wave (track splits) -> flacs (Trader's Little Helper) -> yr ears. First uploaded week of 2015-08-01.

Line-up #11 (September 1972 - January(?) 1974) ::: Kim Simmonds - electric guitar, vocals // Paul Raymond - keyboards, electric guitar // Andy Pyle - electric bass // John Bertram 'Jackie' Lynton - vocals // Ron Berg - drums.

Nothing here ever commercially released to my knowledge. If I'm wrong, please advise & I'll take the offending trax offline.

DimeTravel 148 ::: Thanks to the original taper & traders! Thanks to DIMER zubbid for some proofreading. ::: Corrections welcome ::: No long waxing here, let it all speak for itself. Yes, of course, I'll be happy for whatever other sets show up from the evening. Home & Abrahams would be delightful, but I don't they are in these boxes.... Listen, enjoy, show appreciation, share, give, spread peace. Yers truly, Knees

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