Savoy Brown at the Rainbow Music Hall, Denver, Colorado
Sometime between 1978 and 1981

I know, I know, Savoy Brown recorded a double album at the
Rainbow Music Hall in Denver. That is not this show. That show,
which I also attended was a year or two later or so. That said,
O.K. here's the story. I'm the original taper but the show
was taped from an FM broadcast. I can't remember the actual
date, can't find the ticket stub. I only remember where I
was living. Anyway, I had tickets of course to see Savoy Brown
at the Rainbow. The show was just outstanding. What an inspired
performance an the crowd was tops. What a night.
I go home after the show and for some reason turned on the radio
which I hardly EVER listen to but back then it didn't suck so bad
I guess so anyway, I turned it on and instantly I said that's the
show we just saw and slammed a Maxell into the deck and swithced
it on. I'm not certain how much I missed of the broadcast, half
a song, one song, two songs. I just know I got most and the best
of that night and it's a hell of a lot better than nothing. What
a great show. This is the Savoy Brown I'll always remember the most.
No one I know has ever mentioned hearing the show and I haven't
found it in any searches of what I can find of the Rainbow Music Hall
archives, which aren't very good at all.
But here it is for you to enjoy for the first time that I know of
unless someone else caught the show as well many moons ago and
has posted it but to my knowledge this is a first.


Maxell XLII-S --> Nero rip to Memorex CD-R --> foobar2000 rip to HD

01 Play With A Rock 'n' Roll Band
02 Take My Love Away
03 Street Corner Talking
04 Man On Fire
05 I Trusted You
06 Tell Mama
07 Down To New Orleans
08 Hellbound Train
09 The Boogie, Hip Shake, Wang Dang Doodle