Savoy Brown
"Coffee Break Concert"
The Agora, Cleveland, OH
16 APR 1980

Track List:
01. That's What It's All About
02. So You Wanna Play in a Rock 'n' Roll Band
03. DJ -> band intro -> talk
04. Street Corner Talking
05. You've Got To Lead The Way
06. interview
07. Man On Fire
08. Cat On A Hot Tin Town
09. interview
10. Slide Guitar Solo
11. Tell Mama
12. Hellbound Train

Kim Simmonds: guitars, vocals
D.C.: bass
Richie Carmichael: drums, vocals

Very Nice Radio Recording.
Recording Equipment Unknown.
I received this from a great and all knowing Savoy Brown expert on a Savoy Brown Yahoo Group.

"Keepin' the Blues Alive & Rockin'"