Artist - Savoy Brown (audience recording)

Date - 1995/09/02 (September 2, 1995)

Venue - On The Waterfront, Rockford, IL USA

Uncirculated MASTER recording.

Setlist And Fingerprints -

Track 01 - Made Up My Mind.flac:b9c644e4c72aae432077c990751f9a2d
Track 02 - I'm Tired.flac:089442a5adbf909887ff5d4adad5dee2
Track 03 - Too Much Of A Good Thing.flac:acfabed6218e30bef48ee6f35273f9f9
Track 04 - Street Corner Talking.flac:8735ffb3f495481dba545e7dd9821093
Track 05 - Baby Please.flac:47ac64fdfd4224a833089cae068440c8
Track 06 - You Don't Have To Go.flac:555710506c52cca63f2f2448f5f21eb2
Track 07 - Hellbound Train.flac:7076f69f32fe678cc80de48d92a666c0
Track 08 - Stay While The Night Is Young.flac:92c4010fc221c753f668c8fc1b5bf00e
Track 09 - Shame On You.flac:a383bb199a0d87bb9b402f2af2423054
Track 10 - Introduction Of The Band.flac:2a454a3168118515f969535cb5d041cf
Track 11 - Let Me Roll With You Baby.flac:7e00679d8d4545b2c1e003ab77dbd5ab
Track 12 - Wang Dang Doodle.flac:557c22845e86b8765fe2dd03b59473d0

Lineage - stereo tie mic > Aiwa stereo handheld tape recorder >
SONY HF90 90 min. normal bias master tapes > JVC TD-W505 stereo double
cassette deck > Aiwa XC-RW700 CD recorder (split concert into tracks here) >
Ativa 80 min. music CD-Rs > Cakewalk Pyro 2005 (ripped CDs onto HD &
edited wav files here) > Flac Frontend (wav to flac, encoded level 8,
aligned on sector boundaries)

CD 1: 6 tracks, 44:17
CD 2: 6 tracks, 53:54
TT: 98:11

Quality - 8.5-9/10 (vg+ to ex-). This is the ENTIRE concert.
As far as I know, this concert is uncirculated.

I attended this show at Davis Park and it was great. There were a lot of
people there including several hilarious drunks. You can hear their comments
clearly if you listen to this on headphones. Savoy was in top form and Kim
Simmonds really shone on guitar. Hellbound Train will knock you out.

In case you're wondering, On The Waterfront is a city festival in Rockford, IL
which is held every Labor Day weekend. Many bands perform on many different
stages & it's a good chance to view many diverse musical genres. This Savoy
Brown show was one of those performances. The recording itself is very clear with
very little hiss & no distortion. The reason that it was graded as vg+/ex- is due
to the low level background crowd chatter that goes on for a good portion of the show.
The music always overpowers the talking but there is a bit of chatter.

The vocals & instruments are very clear and the taper was never farther away
from the stage than ~ 40 feet. There is no artwork. The show fits on 2 74 min. CDs.
The best place to end CD 1 is after track 6 (You Don't Have To Go). There were
2 tape flips: one during Hellbound Train and one during Wang Dang Doodle. These
have been welded seamlessly but if you listen closely, you'll hear the music
jump in those places. Well, that's about all that I have to say, so let's wrap
this up...

Please don't convert this to mp3 or other lossy formats. Please don't sell or
buy this recording. Trade freely and seed this as long as you can. If I have
misnamed any songs, please post the correct song titles. That's about all that
I can think of to say, so enjoy the show, have fun & don't freak out...

jojogunne 8/10/2009