Kim Simmonds & Savoy Brown
Chicago Blues Festival
Petrillo Band Shell
Grant Park, Chicago

June 9th, 2005

Recorded from the front row, near the amps using a set of Premium Binaural mics made by Sound Progessionals plugged into a Sony MZ-NF610 MiniDisc recorder. Transferred in analog using a Hercules II Fortissimo soundcard and SoundForge 4.5. Misc. editing (fades) using Cool Edit Pro. Encoded to SHN using MKW.

01 intro
02 When It Rains
03 Street Corner Talkin'
04 Keep On Rollin'
05 Sunday Night
06 Train To Nowhere
07 piano boogie solo by Bob Hall
08 Where Has Your Heart Gone
09 Savoy Brown Boogie

Kim Simmonds - guitar, vocals
Dave Malachowski - rhythm guitar
Gerry Sorrentino - bass
Dennis Cotton - drums
Bob Hall - piano


edit notes:
-reduced 60 hz hum & harmonics
-balanced gain
-edited out the odd glitch

40th Anniversary celebration of Savoy Brown
I believe Kim played the next afternoon as well.
A real nice audience capture, balanced and dehummed.
Thnx to the taper that left no name in the info file
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Samples in comments

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