<body text="#000000" bgcolor="#aaaaaa">Savoy Brown with Kim Simmonds <br>May 13, 2006 <br>Neil's <br>Memphis, TN <br> <br>Lineage: AM1's>CA ST20B>JB3 (44.1 WAV)>Audacity (normalize)>CDWAVE(track)>FLAC <br>Audience recording dead center, 10 ft from stage <br> <br>RESTRICTIONS: This recording is being released as non-copyrighted material and can be shared freely as long as no fees are charged. This music is meant for enjoyment which is it s primary purpose. <br> <br>DETAILS: <br> <br>A crowd of about 125 enjoyed this second visit in two years to Neil's in Memphis. While the crowd was enthusiastic, the size of the crowd played on the band, I think. Early in the first set Kim seemed bored but this changed as the night progressed. Soon Kim was into his set and playing better than I had heard him before. I will say the set list was more to my liking this time. Kim is one helluva guitar player! <br> <br>Disc 1 <br>1. I'm Tired 7:02 <br>2. Street Corner Talking 10:06 <br>3. Just Keep On Rollin' 9:40 <br>4. You Don't Do A Thing For Me* 4:51 <br>5. I Don't Remember You, Baby* 7:00 <br>6. Tell Mama 13:41 <br>7. Shake on Down 3:55 <br>8. Leavin' Again 13:13 <br> <br>Disc 2 <br>1. Wang Dang Doodle 12:39 <br>2. Monday Mornin' Blues* 6:25 <br>3. Hellbound Train 11:36 <br>4. Long As I Got You* 6:35 <br>5. All I Can Do Is Cry 11:42 <br>6. Goin' To Louisiana 15:48 <br>7. Savoy Brown Boogie (ENCORE) 7:56 <br> <br>* New material on forthcoming release <br> <br>Files on each disc are encoded using FLAC 1.7.1 Frontend. Cover art is included using NEATO MediaFACE II ver. 2.4.2 (www.neato.com) and duplicated in .jpg format. Covers and disc labels are included. <br> <br>grenadablues@yahoo.com