Savoy Brown
Threadgill's, Austin, Texas
Recorded 10 meters back from right stack
Audience->Sonic DSM-6S/L->Sonic PA-3SX->MT2496->cdwav
recorded by seedy

The Band
Kim Simmonds - Guitar/Vocal
Mario Staiano - Drums/ Backing Vocals
Gerry Sorrentino - Bass

01 Keep On Rolling...(?) [cut]
02 You Don't Do A Thing For Me
03 I Don't Remember You Baby
04 Tell Mama
05 Crying Forever
06 Poor Girl

Set II
07 This Train I Ride (?)
08 Monday Morning Blues
09 Long As I Got You
10 I'll Keep On Playing The Blues
11 Hellbound Train
12 Savoy Brown Boogie
13 Going To Louisiana

Go see Savoy Brown if they come through your town!
Keeping The Blues Rockin' Since 1965