Savoy Brown Tacoma, WA November 17th 2007

Savoy Brown
Tacoma, WA
November 17th 2207

Taper: fubb
lineage: Church Audio St-11 Cardiod mics>CA 9000 pre amp>R-09(16 bit 48000)>HD>Adobe Audition

Notes:****Audience Only Recording****I had a few problems this night gaining my usual avenues of success at this venue, unfortunately
things don't go your way all the time when you tape shows, and this was one of 'em, and ashame it is.

savoy Brown are a fave of mine, this recording is good, but not excellent, talkers can be heard during quiet moments, i taped 20 ft
from stage, slightly left. Tracks 1-3 on disc two are taped from front of stage, where the sound was not good, buddy of mine taking photos
gave me false info.

Band were on a short Northwest visit, gear was all rented and Kim did not play with his Flying V, just one of his Les paul's.

Disc One:
2.Long As I Got You
3.Monday Morning Blues
4.Street Corner Talking
5.You Don't Do A Thing For Me
6.I Don't Remember You, Baby
7.Gonna Keep On Rolling
8.Tell Mama

Disc Two
1.Shot In The Head
2.Stay While The Night Is Young
3.Leavin' Again
4.Poor Girl
5.I'll Keep On Singing The Blues
6.Hellbound Train
7.Savoy Brown Boogie