Savoy Brown
Sellersville Theater
Sellersville, PA USA
December 18, 2008

Source: Schoeps MK4's>Nbox>Edirol R-09@24/48>WAVELAB5(Fades, uv22hr dither to 16/44.1)

Recorded by: Nicky C

Thanks to recordcastle for the ticket and The Dude for recommending this show.
This band is great, I had a great time and recommend going out and seeing them live when they come through your town.


01. Street Corner Talking
02. Poor Girl
03. I'm Tired
04. As Long As I Got You
05. Monday Morning Blues
06. I Don't Remember You Baby
07. Tell Mama
08. What's Next To The Moon
09. Stay While The Night Is Young
10. Louisiana Blues


11. Savoy Brown Boogie