Savoy Brown
Tacoma, WA.
March 20th 2009

SBD/AUD Matrix 16bit audio

Taper: fubb
Lineage: 4 channel SBD/AUD Matrix via Edirol R-4 (24bit/44.1) channel's 3 & 4 Oade Bros. Concert Mod>HD>Adobe Audition
SBD>XLR>Edirol R-4 ch. 1 & 2
SPC4 Cardiods Mics>Edirol R-4 ch 3 & 4
Multitracked/dithered via Adobe Audition, cues with Goldwave

Savoy Brown featuring Kim Simmonds which seems to be the more political correct these days are one of my fav's, and great to see
them do a quick Northwest showing, and a fine show this was on all accounts, except "Hellbound Train" was not played (although on
setlist) due to time constraints, although there would have been no problems at this venue to play longer, but perhaps the band should
not have taken a looooong set break! (they had 8pm-11pm to do there thing).

Once again, thanks to Big Zach for incredible sound, you make the place rock!

support the artist, see 'em live they are worth every bit of your hard earned cash, buy official merch, "Steel" the latest
bands offering is a damn good solid offering.

Disc One:
1. Long As I've Got You
2. I Don't Remember You
3. Monday Morning Blues
4. Needle And Spoon
5. You Don't Do A Thing For Me
6. Out Of The Blue* from kim's current solo album
7. Street Corner Talking
8. Leavin' Again

Disc Two:
1. I'm Tired
2. Poor Girl
3. Stay While The Night Is Young
4. Wang Dang Doodle
5. Louisiana Blues
6. Savoy Brown Boogie
7. Tell mama