Savoy Brown
Sellersville Theater
Sellersville Pa
December13 2009

My First Show w/ my New Recorder Hope it pleases everyone.

Olympus LS-10 Linear PCM Recorder
Files split w/ CD Wave Editor
WAV To Flac W/ Traders Little Helper

Olympus LS-10 > Hard Drive > You

01 As Long As I Got You
02 Louisiana Blues
03 Monday Morning Blues
04 Needle And Spoon
05 Little Red Rooster
06 I'm Tired
07 Too Much Of A Good Thing
08 Out Of The Blue (Acoustic)
09 Leaving Again
10 Hellbound Train
11 Tell Mama
12 Savoy Brown Boogie

Kim Simmonds - Guitar, Vocals
Joe Whiting - Lead Vocals, Saxophone
Pat DeSalvo - Bass Elec & Stand-Up
Garnett Grimm - Drums

As usual Kim puts on one hell of a show no matter who is in the band ( AND THE NEW BAND SOUNDED GREAT ),
only problem I have with the new line - up is that I dont like horns ( SAX ) other than that I kinda
miss Kim's little between song stories. This year Kim had his White Flying V , sounded great too.
He must have left his First act at home ( wich is good ) because he brought out his
Sunburst Les Paul ( my fav guitar ) for Tell Mamma. I already cant wait til next year for
his next Sellersville show. only hope is that he puts an end to the Sax, but if there is I will
still be there Rockin' !!